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“I will never kiss in movies again”- Prince David Osei (Watch video)

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has boldly announced that he will no longer engage in kissing scenes in movies. In an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM’s midmorning show, the acclaimed actor stated that he has outgrown such roles in films.

Osei expressed his belief that he no longer needs to partake in such scenes, citing concerns about diseases and individuals’ oral hygiene as reasons for his decision.

He mentioned, “There are a lot of diseases around, and one does not really know what one is doing with his or her mouth or where they have really used their mouths to do.”

The actor admitted that his previous participation in kissing scenes was driven by a desire for recognition in the industry when he was younger.

Reflecting on past on-screen kisses with colleagues, Osei revealed that he sometimes questions the authenticity of those moments. Despite his previous willingness to engage in such scenes, he now firmly stands by his decision to abstain from them.

The “Crazy” movie actor’s declaration has sparked discussions and reactions within the entertainment industry.

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