“I will Not Kiss in Movies Again” –Prince David Osei explains why.

Prince David Osei known for playing “bad boy” roles in movies has shared his concerns about the health risks associated with on-screen kissing scenes.

He admits to feeling uneasy when looking back at some of the actresses he has kissed while filming romantic scenes, as he is unsure if they may have undisclosed health issues.

This uncertainty has led him to decide to no longer participate in such scenes, as he fears for his health.

Prince David Osei, the actor in question, explains that he is wary of the potential spread of diseases through kissing and is unsure of the health status of his co-stars.

He emphasizes the importance of being cautious in a time where various diseases are prevalent and easily transmitted.

Osei stresses that he does not know what his colleagues do with their mouths off-camera and is concerned about the risks involved.

In addition to his thoughts on on-screen romance, Osei has recently shown his support for Dr. Bawumia, the Vice President and flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He praises Dr. Bawumia’s contributions to digitization and the National Identification Authority (NIA) initiatives, expressing confidence in his ability to positively impact Ghana’s development.

Osei believes that Dr. Bawumia has the potential to bring about significant progress if given the chance.

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