“I will not use my money to do plastic surgery to reduce my nose, my nose is my blessing”-Akrobeto

Actor Akrobeto from Kumawood has defiantly responded to those who have suggested he undergo nose surgery to reduce the size of his prominent nose.

He expressed confusion as to why people who do not share his unique characteristic would be bothered by it, emphasizing that he is perfectly content with his appearance.

In fact, he humorously pointed out that his large nose allows him to breathe in “more air” than the average person, claiming that he is immune to illness and does not require oxygen even in a hospital setting.

Akrobeto further asserted that he does not experience any difficulties with his breathing or nasal passages, highlighting the benefits of his distinctive feature.

He also remarked that if given the choice, he would prefer to spend his money on enjoying meals at a local eatery rather than undergoing cosmetic procedures.

He philosophically reflected on the inevitability of death and aging, using the example of the late Michael Jackson to illustrate his point that no one can escape these universal truths.

In conclusion, Akrobeto’s humorous and self-assured response to criticism about his nose showcases his confidence and acceptance of himself.

He encourages others to embrace their unique traits and not be swayed by societal standards of beauty.

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