“I will take back my car if you fool” – Agradaa Warns Husband Asiamah.

Leader of Heaven Way Champion International Ministry, Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa, issued a warning to her husband Asiamah during a church sermon, stating that she would not hesitate to take back her car if he gave her any reason to do so.

In a viral video, she emphasized that she would not allow any man to stress her out at this point in her life.

Agradaa advised women to leave their marriages if they are not being treated the way they desire, using her own experience as an example.

She mentioned that she had separated from her ex-husband and could do the same with Asiamah if necessary.

Agradaa then transitioned into a musical performance, remixing the popular song “Megye Wo Girl” to “Megye Me Car” as a subtle message to Asiamah.

This remix served as a warning to him that she would not hesitate to reclaim her car if he caused her any issues, similar to her previous husband Pastor Eric.

The sermon highlighted Agradaa’s determination to prioritize her own well-being and happiness in her relationships, and her readiness to take action if her boundaries are crossed.

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