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“I will wait and marry Oteele again in my next life” – Oteele’s wife reveals

Kumawood actor Stephen Yao Mawunyo, popularly known as ‘Oteele’, recently made headlines after his wife revealed that he had been seriously ill for years.

Mrs. Oteele shared the difficulties and challenges she faced during this time, including accusations from her husband’s family.

Despite this, she remained hopeful and did everything in her power to help her husband recover.

In a subsequent interview, Oteele himself opened up about his illness, which lasted for three years and could not be explained medically.

He credited his wife for his recovery, praising her resilience and dedication.

During an appearance on GHPAGE TV’s Rash Hour Show, the couple discussed the hardships they faced during Oteele’s illness.

Oteele also shared how he fell in love with his wife, citing her unique physical features as what initially attracted him to her.

Despite marital issues, Mrs. Oteele expressed her deep love for her husband, stating that she would wait for him even after death to be together.

The couple’s story has gained attention online, with many praising their love and dedication to each other.

Oteele’s public appreciation of his wife has further endeared them to fans and followers.

The couple’s journey through sickness and recovery has touched the hearts of many, showcasing the power of love and support in overcoming challenges.

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