“I would rather look for money Abroad than to chase fame in Ghana” – Teephlow On Why Relocated To USA

Ghanaian rapper Teephlow recently addressed rumors surrounding his music career, particularly during his time living in the US.

Teephlow, who has been based in the US, responded to comments from his fellow Ghanaians who suggested that he had fallen off and lost his relevance.

In a video, Teephlow explained that his focus in the US was on accumulating wealth rather than seeking fame in Ghana.

He emphasized that having money was more important than being famous without financial stability.

Teephlow highlighted the negative impact of being famous but financially unstable, stating that it was one of the worst positions to be in.

Teephlow, who was nominated for Rapper Of The Year in 2023, advised other artists not to prioritize fame over their long-term financial well-being.

He expressed his desire not to grow old and have to rely on handouts from Ghanaians, cautioning his colleagues to avoid a similar fate.

Lukeman Ekow Baidoo, known professionally as Teephlow, is a Ghanaian hip hop artist who gained recognition at the 2012 “Next Big Thing in GH Hip Hop” Talent Hunt Show.

He released his debut single, The Warning, in 2014.

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