“If anything bad happens to me, Blame the people living in my house” – Medikal

Ghanaian rapper Medikal recently posted a mysterious message on his social media account, hinting at potential safety concerns.

In the post, he advised his followers to inquire about his well-being with the people residing in his home if any unfortunate events were to occur, excluding his daughter, Island Frimpong.

This message was shared shortly after Medikal announced his separation from his wife, Fella Makafui, with whom he shares a daughter.

As the couple navigates their new co-parenting dynamic, Medikal’s message has raised questions about the atmosphere within his household.

The rapper’s cryptic statement has fueled speculation and unease among his fans, who are worried about his safety and well-being.

Here is a tweet from Medikal that captures the essence of his cryptic message:

“Please ask anyone living in my house if anything happens to me apart from my daughter Island Frimpong.”

The tweet has left many wondering about the underlying tensions and potential threats that Medikal may be facing.

As the situation unfolds, fans are keeping a close eye on the rapper’s social media accounts for any further updates or clarifications.

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