“If I have $100,000 and my husband has $30,000, the family has $30,000″ – Woman says

A video circulating on social media is causing a stir among men as it raises questions about the ideal type of woman to marry. In the video, a woman participating in a live session with counselor Francisca Emmanuel on Instagram made a controversial statement.

She claimed that her money is solely hers, while her husband’s money belongs to the family. When asked how much the family would have if she had $100,000 and her husband had $30,000, she responded that the family would have $30,000 because her husband’s money is for the family, while her money is for herself.

This conversation has sparked debate and criticism on social media, with many men expressing their displeasure with the woman’s perspective.

The counselor questioned the woman about the concept of submission in marriage, emphasizing that the family should be considered as a unit rather than separate individuals. The woman’s belief that her money is hers alone and her husband’s money is for the family has stirred controversy and differing opinions.

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