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” If You Are Ashawo, You Will Remain Ashawo Forever” – Funny Face Blasts His Baby Mama

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, recently shared some advice for men on choosing their life partners, and it seems like he may have taken a subtle jab at his baby mama, Vannessa Nicole.

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Funny Face warned against trying to change someone’s character, specifically referring to women who have been identified as “Ashawo” or prostitutes.

He emphasized that in today’s society, a prostitute will always remain a prostitute, and no man should expect to turn a “hoe” into a wife.

The comedian further urged men to be mindful of their choices when it comes to choosing a life partner, suggesting that it is important to find someone who is already a good fit rather than hoping to change them.

In a reflective tone, Funny Face shared that he has found a new love and expressed his excitement at the prospect of having a new son shortly.

With a message of hope and positivity, Funny Face ended his post by expressing his love for his new partner and his anticipation for the blessings of an unborn son.

It seems that the comedian is looking forward to a fresh start and focusing on building a happy and fulfilling family life.


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