El Lizato

“If you lose 1 good man, You will be used and played by at least 10 men before you can find his replacement” – El Lizato to ladies

In a recent post by Ghanaian media personality El Lizato, he highlighted the disparity between how men and women are perceived in relationships.

According to him, if a woman loses a good man in a relationship, she is likely to encounter at least ten other men who will take advantage of her before she finds another equally good man.

El Lizato cautioned young women to be cautious and safeguard their relationships with good men, as the process of finding a suitable replacement may not be as straightforward.

He emphasized that for men, the situation is quite different. If a man loses a good woman, the chances of finding another good woman are higher.

El Lizato explained that women are more adaptable and willing to change their ways under the right circumstances, while men are often more focused on being the hero in one woman’s life.

He advised women to value and hold onto their good men, as they have the ability to replace them with another good woman much quicker than women can find a new good man.

El Lizato urged women to avoid spreading themselves thin by dating multiple men and engaging in unnecessary arguments, as the consequences of losing a good man can be severe.

Ultimately, he stressed the importance of cherishing and nurturing relationships with good partners to avoid unnecessary heartache in the future.

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