If You’re So Powerful, Heal Your Own Paralyzed Son – Ajagurajah’s Brother Exposes Him

Ajagurajah’s sibling has criticized him publicly, marking the beginning of a heated argument between the two.

The brother accused Ajagurajah of deceiving people by portraying himself as a powerful prophet while failing to heal his own paralyzed son.

He challenged Ajagurajah to prove his supposed divine abilities by curing his son, a task that Ajagurajah has allegedly been unable to accomplish.

Furthermore, Ajagurajah’s brother criticized him for neglecting their mother despite claiming to be wealthy.

He revealed that their mother is living in poor conditions in a cramped room, indicating that Ajagurajah has not made any effort to improve her situation.

The brother’s accusations suggest a deep-rooted resentment towards Ajagurajah, as he continues to expose his alleged shortcomings to the public.

The ongoing dispute between the siblings sheds light on a family rift that has now become a topic of public interest, with the brother’s revelations casting doubt on Ajagurajah’s proclaimed powers and character.

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