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“I’ll beat and bite off your ears” – Okatakyie Afrifa warn Captain Smart (Watch video)

Okatakyie Afrifa issued a threat towards Captain Smart during a recent appearance on Angel FM, after the latter referred to him as a deranged dog.

The feud between the two media personalities began last week in the aftermath of John Kumah’s death, with differing opinions on the cause of his passing. Captain Smart believes Kumah was poisoned, while Afrifa insists the autopsy report indicates he died from Multiple Myeloma.

The tension escalated further as Captain Smart accused Afrifa of jealousy, prompting Afrifa to assert his superiority in intelligence, strength, and honesty. Afrifa boldly warned Captain Smart that he would physically harm him if provoked, claiming he would bite off his ears and devour his intestines if they were to confront each other like men. He even threatened to take on Captain Smart and his bodyguard in a physical altercation.

The animosity between the two personalities has intensified, with Afrifa’s aggressive stance towards Captain Smart becoming apparent. The situation is volatile and could potentially lead to a physical confrontation if not resolved amicably.

Captain Smart and Afrifa must find a way to settle their differences peacefully to avoid any further escalation of the conflict.

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