“I’ll never date a woman who cannot spend on me” — Joeboy reveals

Nigerian singer Joeboy, in an interview with Tacha Akide at CoolFm Lagos, revealed that his red flag in a relationship is a woman who doesn’t spend on him.

Joeboy expressed that he believes in equality in a relationship and wants to know that whatever he provides, his partner would also be able to reciprocate.

Joeboy clarified that he doesn’t necessarily want all of his partner’s money, but he wants to feel like there is a mutual exchange of giving and receiving.

Joeboy, who is currently in a relationship with a mystery woman for over two years, shared that he has spent over N50 Million during their relationship.

Despite this significant financial investment, Joeboy emphasized that he doesn’t expect his partner to match his spending exactly, but he wants to feel appreciated and valued through her willingness to contribute in some way.

In essence, Joeboy’s red flag in a relationship revolves around the principle of reciprocity and mutual support. He values a partner who is willing to invest time, effort, and resources into the relationship, just as he is.

This perspective reflects his belief in a balanced and harmonious partnership where both parties are equally committed to each other’s happiness and well-being.


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