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“I’m more than GOAT, call me COW” – Shatta Bandle calls himself a wealthy ‘Money Cow’

Firdaus Iddrisu, also known as Shatta Bandle, a well-known media personality from Ghana, recently made headlines when he decided to abandon the title of the GOAT (Greatest of all time) and instead declared himself a COW.

In a viral video that has garnered thousands of likes on social media, Shatta Bandle can be seen flaunting hard currencies and bragging about his limitless amount of money. He confidently stated, “It’s your favorite billionaire.

You know something, we’re the ones they’re calling goats. My money is too big, I’m more than a goat; I’m a cow because I’m always spending my money on the street.”

This bold declaration has sparked various reactions on social media, with many individuals sharing their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

Some users pointed out humorous details in the video, such as Shatta Bandle’s side-eye and the way he handles the money.

Others jokingly expressed surprise that someone like Shatta Bandle could find a partner, giving hope to those who are still looking for love.

Additionally, some users highlighted the cautiousness that should be exercised on platforms like TikTok, emphasizing that not everyone on the app may have good intentions. Overall, Shatta Bandle’s video has entertained and amused many social media users, showcasing his larger-than-life persona and extravagant lifestyle.


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