“I’m Single, Boys Are Afraid To Propose Love To Me Because They Think I Will Reject Them” – Afronita

• Dancer Afronita, also known as Yeboah Danita Akosua Adomaah, shares her current single status.
• She believes boys are hesitant to approach her due to fear of rejection.
• Even online connections are often insincere, a sentiment she finds amusing.
• She shares a recent message from an older man suggesting he would pursue her if she wasn’t already married.
• Despite having male friends, their relationships don’t signal romantic interest.
• Afronita prioritizes her career and personal growth despite admirers.


Afronita, also known as Yeboah Danita Akosua Adomaah, recently shared the reason why she is currently single despite having many admirers.

The 20-year-old dancer opened up about her relationship status in an interview with Andy Dosty, explaining that she believes boys are hesitant to approach her due to a fear of rejection.

According to Afronita, she has noticed that boys who are interested in her are often too afraid to make a move because they worry about being turned down.

She also mentioned that even those who try to connect with her online tend to be insincere, which she finds amusing and often shares with her mother.

Afronita recounted a recent message she received from an older man expressing his interest in her and suggesting that he would pursue her if she was not already married.

Despite not being in a romantic relationship, Afronita clarified that she does have male friends, but the dynamic of their relationships does not signal any romantic interest.

Overall, Afronita shared that she remains single due to the reluctance of potential suitors to approach her and the lack of genuine intentions from those who do try to connect with her.

Despite having many admirers, she continues to prioritize her career and personal growth.

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