“I’m tired of being married” – Married woman cries out as she seeks advice

A woman who expressed her exhaustion with marriage has turned to social media for guidance on how to proceed.

She voiced her weariness with her children, her husband, and the constant anxiety she feels about his punctuality returning from work.

The woman admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the daily task of meal planning and managing school schedules. She described her frustration with the entire concept of marriage and questioned whether divorce was the solution.

In a video posted online, she detailed her struggles and sought advice from viewers on how to navigate her current situation.

The woman’s candid confession sparked a discussion about the challenges of marriage and the importance of self-care.

Many viewers empathized with her feelings of burnout and offered words of encouragement and support. The video prompted a reflection on the complexities of relationships and the need for open communication in addressing marital issues.

Ultimately, the woman’s vulnerability resonated with others facing similar struggles, highlighting the significance of seeking help and finding ways to prioritize personal well-being in the midst of marital challenges.

See the video below for more:

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