“I’m tired of renewing my passport God please, let this be the Last one, even if it Ghana let me travel”- Nigerian Man Cries

A Nigerian man, who has repeatedly renewed his international passport without ever leaving Nigeria, was seen shedding tears as he displayed his five passports in a video that went viral.

The man expressed his frustration by stating, “I’m tired; I have renewed my international passport for the fifth time and still, I haven’t left Nigeria.”

His emotional display caught the attention of social media users who flooded the comment section with words of encouragement and advice.

Some users offered prayers, hoping that the man’s desire to travel would be fulfilled soon. Others suggested that the moment he gives up on renewing his passport, an opportunity to travel may arise.

One user even recommended applying for a visa to the USA or Canada in 2026, as the World Cup will be hosted there, guaranteeing a visa approval.

Despite the supportive comments, some users jokingly suggested that the man should stop renewing his passport repeatedly and start making plans to actually travel.

One user even speculated that the man may be keeping the passports for his siblings. The video of the man’s emotional display served as a reminder of the struggles many Nigerians face in trying to travel internationally.


@tegaofabujaa I’m tired of renewing my passport God please 😭😭😭😭😭 let this be the Last one 🙏 even if it Ghana let me travel there 😭😭😭 I’m losing it Someone help me #trending #tiktok #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #tiktoknigeria #tiktokabuja #tiktokafrica #tiktoklondon #tiktokviral #viral #tiktoktrending #tegaofabuja #tiktoknews #tiktokafrica #nigerian #contentcreator #content #tiktokcontent ♬ original sound – Grace Kanu

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