“I’m using all my money to chill” – Obaa Cee says she has not even one property

Popular Ghanaian TikTok sensation, Obaa Cee, recently engaged in an enlightening interview with content creator Zionfelix, where she disclosed her financial priorities and addressed rumours about her property investments.

Obaa Cee, who has carved a niche for herself with her compelling TikTok content, revealed that despite her 14-year stay in the United States, she has not invested in real estate in Ghana. This confession countered assumptions about her financial decisions, showing that she prefers to spend her earnings on personal interests.

The TikToker candidly admitted her love for meat and leisure activities. She humorously stated that a significant portion of her income is dedicated to enjoying the pleasures of life, including her fondness for meat and various forms of relaxation.

Despite her fame and financial success, Obaa Cee stressed that she presently finds satisfaction in having a place to stay during her visits to Ghana. The notion of investing in personal property does not currently hold the allure for her.

Obaa Cee did, however, acknowledge the possibility of purchasing a house in the future, but clarified that it is not part of her immediate plans. This insightful revelation provides a unique perspective into the financial priorities of this admired online sensation.


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