I”n My Next Life, I Will Never Date A Man Who Posts Photos Of Himself On His Status”- Broken Hearted lady says

Although he is undeniably attractive, his looks were not the reason I decided to give him a chance.

Initially, when he first approached me, I wasn’t interested in him at all. I had no desire to even become friends with him.

However, he cleverly used my friends to gradually break down my walls. As a result, I began to warm up to him and allowed our conversations to extend beyond just a few minutes.

I even started reaching out to him by phone and promptly responding to his texts.

He proposed early in our friendship, and I agreed to see where things would go. However, as our relationship progressed, I began to notice red flags with my boyfriend.

He constantly posted selfies on his WhatsApp status with captions boasting about his looks and how other men were jealous of him.

When I confronted him about this behavior, he dismissed my concerns and even criticized me for not praising his photos.

I tried to compliment him in a way I thought he would appreciate, but he only responded arrogantly.

Our fights escalated over small issues, with him belittling my feelings and making me feel replaceable.

After a particularly hurtful incident at a wedding, where he made the event about himself, I decided to mute his status and distance myself from him.

Despite a brief breakup, he continued to try and win me back with insincere apologies and grand gestures.

I eventually realized that he valued his ego more than our relationship and decided to end things for good.

His cycle of selfish behavior and empty apologies no longer had a hold on me, and I found peace in moving on from someone who couldn’t prioritize my feelings.

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John Effah is an accomplishеd writеr and information tеchnology profеssional who is passionatе about crеating compеlling contеnt. Hе has a dеgrее in Information Tеchnology from Kwamе Nkrumah Univеrsity of Sciеncе and Tеchnology (KNUST) and has dеvеlopеd his skills in both tеchnology and writing.