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Inside the Luxurious Lifestyle of Late Herbalist Dr. Grace Boadu: A Tour of Her Sprawling Mansion and Fleet of High-End Cars

A video showcasing the mansion of the late Dr. Grace Boadu has surfaced on social media, revealing a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle the respected herbalist led. The footage reveals a sprawling storey building that towered over its surrounding neighborhood in Kumasi.

The mansion, surrounded by an expansive and flawlessly tiled compound, exudes a sense of affluence. The video also shows more than ten cars parked strategically within the compound.

This fleet, which includes high-end models such as a Range Rover and Land Cruiser, along with several smaller saloon cars, stands as a symbol of Dr. Boadu’s prosperity and success in her field.

Dr. Grace Boadu was a highly respected figure in the field of alternative healthcare in Ghana. Her sudden passing has left many in mourning, with numerous tributes and condolences pouring in from all corners of the country.

The video of her mansion stands as a visual testament to the success she achieved in her lifetime. Despite the sadness surrounding her passing, this glimpse into her achievements serves as a reminder of the significant impact she made in her field and the prosperity she enjoyed as a result.


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