“Is something wrong with me?, i’m getting old” – 36-year-old single lady cries out

A 36-year-old woman took to social media to express her frustration at not being able to find a stable relationship at her age. She shared her feelings on TikTok under the username @beavonyi, mentioning how all of her younger sisters were already married.

She questioned her followers, wondering if there was something wrong with her for not being in a relationship or having children at her age.

Netizens responded with words of encouragement and reassurance, telling her to be patient and wait for the right person to come along.

Many pointed out that there was nothing wrong with her and that age is just a number.

They advised her to look inward, make adjustments if necessary, and trust in God’s timing.

One user shared their own experience of getting married at 37 without children, emphasizing that everyone’s path in life is different.

Others shared similar stories of finding love later in life and encouraged her to remain hopeful.

Overall, the woman received support and words of wisdom from her followers, reminding her that everything will work out in the end.

The comments on her post showed understanding, empathy, and a sense of solidarity among those who have faced similar challenges in their love lives.

Watch the video below:

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