“It is an honor to be called Shatta wale’s ex- girlfriend”- Michy

Shatta Michy, the former partner of dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, has expressed that despite the difficulties she faced during their relationship, she takes pride in being known as Shatta Wale’s ex.

During an interview with media personality Berla Mundi on the “Day Show,” Shatta Michy shared the difficulties she encountered during her time with Shatta Wale and the resulting consequences.

“Everyone is aware of the highly publicized breakup I experienced.” And that was quite challenging for me right from the beginning. It was. I don’t present it in that manner. I put on some extra pounds during the busy season. I must say, I have been quite fortunate in life. She mentioned that it was a time of learning, and she approached it with a positive attitude.

Shatta Michy recently shared that she tends to be more introverted and private. She admitted that if it weren’t for her son, Majesty, whom she shares with Shatta Wale, the breakup with the dancehall artist would have had a greater impact on her.

I prefer to withdraw from others when I encounter difficulties and reemerge when I have resolved them. Having my son provided me with the support I needed. Without him, I would have likely experienced some feelings of solitude. I tend to be more introverted. “I tend to be quite reserved and shy in real life,” she admitted.

She openly shared her emotions about having Shatta Wale as her former partner and discussed how his personality had a positive impact on her.

She credited Shatta Wale as her main source of inspiration for pursuing a career in music.

“It’s quite satisfying to refer to him as my former partner.” I used to date a very popular artist in Ghana, so…There were moments when I had to rise to the occasion. I believe I embodied his sense of confidence and bravery.

However, it is now time for me to embrace my true self, as these experiences were just a fraction of the personal growth I underwent following the end of my relationship. She declared that it was time for her to undergo a personal transformation.

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