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“It Was All Planed” – Lil Win Explains Why He Released A Press Statement Full Of Bad Grammar

Lil Win explained that the wording of the statement was intentionally crafted in such a manner to grab the public’s attention and generate buzz for the upcoming premiere of his film ‘A Country Called Ghana’ in Kumasi.

He noted that bloggers and journalists from Accra had ceased promoting the movie after its premiere in the capital city, prompting him to take matters into his own hands to ensure that the film received the recognition it deserved in other regions of the country.

By strategically provocatively phrasing the statement, Lil Win aimed to reignite interest in the movie and draw attention to the Kumasi premiere.

He recognized the importance of maintaining momentum and excitement surrounding the film, especially in light of the dwindling promotion from media outlets in Accra.

Lil Win’s decision to take a more proactive approach in promoting the movie in Kumasi demonstrates his dedication to ensuring its success and reaching a wider audience.

Overall, Lil Win’s explanation sheds light on the thought process behind the controversial statement and highlights his commitment to promoting ‘A Country Called Ghana’ across various regions of the country.

By taking control of the promotional efforts for the film, Lil Win is taking proactive steps to generate buzz and draw audiences to the Kumasi premiere.

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