It’s better to feed home than to waste your money on expensive clothes – Delay advises

As we all know, Delay always looks simple with mild makeup in all her photos. She doesn’t really go the extra mile to spend too much money on her looks.

Award-winning Ghanaian media personality, Delay, has emphasized that there is no issue with wearing affordable clothing.

In a recent tweet, Delay advised individuals to prioritize providing for their families over spending exorbitant amounts of money on clothes to make an impression on others.

She took to Twitter to express her thoughts, stating, “Wearing unbranded and inexpensive clothing does not indicate poverty. Remember, your primary responsibility is to support your family, not to impress the community.”

Delay is known for her simple style and minimal makeup in her photos. She does not believe in splurging on her appearance and chooses to maintain a modest approach.

This mindset is reflected in her statement about clothing, as she encourages others to focus on their loved ones’ well-being rather than seeking validation through expensive attire.

By promoting the idea that there is no shame in wearing budget-friendly clothing, Delay challenges societal norms and encourages individuals to prioritize what truly matters in life.

Her message serves as a reminder to consider practicality and sustainability when making purchasing decisions, emphasizing the importance of family over material possessions.


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