Yvonne Nelson

It’s difficult to find love in Ghana, Ghanaian men don’t love me – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson recently opened up about her struggles to find love in Ghana, admitting that despite her efforts, she has been unsuccessful in finding a suitable partner in the country.

Speaking on Kingdom + FM in Accra, she revealed that she has met men whom she was interested in, but they did not reciprocate her feelings.

Yvonne expressed her frustration, stating that Ghanaian men do not seem to love her. She lamented, “Finding love in this country is quite difficult.

Ghanaian men don’t love me. I’ve met a couple of people that I liked, but they didn’t even believe that I liked them.”

The actress further shared that she has lost interest in actively seeking out a romantic relationship and has refrained from engaging in sexual activities for the past two years.

She emphasized her ability to control herself, stating, “After a year, I went straight without it. I can control myself when it comes to that.

I don’t have a love interest even though I wish I did.”

When pressed by the host, Fiifi Pratt, to elaborate on her statements, Yvonne reiterated her belief that Ghanaians are not interested in her romantically.

She concluded, “If Ghanaians are not interested in me, what else do you expect?”

Overall, Yvonne Nelson’s candid revelations shed light on her struggles with finding love in Ghana and her decision to focus on self-control and personal fulfillment in the absence of a romantic partner.

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