It’s no sin for pastor to have ‘side chicks’; it all depends on your pocket – Prophet Kingsley

Founder of International Power Praise Chapel, Prophet Kingsley Gyamfi, also known as Bible Nokwafo, has expressed his views on polygamy and extramarital relationships, stating that it is not sinful for pastors to have ‘side chicks’.

This has caused concern among Christians due to his public relationship with the late Dr. Grace Boadu. Despite criticism and name-calling, Prophet Kingsley maintains that he has not committed any wrongdoing.

During an interview on the Delay Show, Prophet Kingsley asserted that polygamy is not condemned by God, as long as the individual can financially support multiple partners.

He referenced biblical figures such as Solomon and David, who had multiple wives and concubines yet were still favored by God.

He argued that since these stories are still present in the Bible, they are valid teachings to live by.

Despite the belief that such practices are outdated and not relevant to modern Christianity, Prophet Kingsley stands by his interpretation of the scriptures.

He believes that individuals should be judged based on their ability to care for their partners rather than the number of relationships they have.

Ultimately, Prophet Kingsley’s controversial views on polygamy and extramarital affairs have sparked debate within the Christian community.


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