I’ve been approached by political parties to support them- Adjetey Anang

Actor Adjetey Anang has revealed that he has been approached by a political party in the past to show his support for them, but he turned down the offer. He believes that Ghana’s democracy is not yet mature enough for celebrities to openly endorse a specific political party.

Anang expressed his disappointment in the fact that people assume celebrities cannot have their own choice when it comes to supporting a political party or individual. During an interview on Gh Ghone Television, he mentioned that he is still contemplating his options and evaluating which candidate would be the most suitable to lead the country forward.

Adjetey Anang explained that he declined the political offer because he believes the timing was not right and that the industry is still sensitive. He highlighted the unfair treatment celebrities face when they openly support a political party, as they risk being ostracized by the opposition. He emphasized the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to choosing a political party or candidate to support, rather than simply following the crowd or accepting monetary incentives.

Anang disclosed that he has been approached by two individuals, but he is not solely focused on financial gains. He stressed the need to consider the quality and capability of the person who will be entrusted with leading the country. He emphasized the importance of putting the right people in positions of power to ensure a successful future for Ghana.

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