“Jesus Christ died for people in his era, not for us”– Osofo Kyiri Abosom

Christian Kwabena Andrews, also known as Osofo Kyiri Abosom, the leader of the Ghana Union Movement and the Life Assembly Worship Centre in Darkuman, Accra, recently shared his perspective on the Bible and the reason behind his large congregation.

In an interview with Kwame Dwomoh-Agyemang on the Class Morning Show, Kyiri Abosom revealed that he does not strictly follow the Bible, as he views it as a historical document rather than the word of God.

He believes that since God is alive, people should seek direct communication with Him rather than relying solely on the Bible.

Kyiri Abosom’s unique approach to spirituality has attracted a large following, as he emphasizes the importance of listening to God directly and not just following traditional religious practices.

He uses the Bible as a reference point to give examples to his congregation but does not consider it to be the ultimate authority.

He also challenges the common belief that Jesus died for all people, stating that Jesus’ sacrifice was meant for those who lived during his time, not for present-day individuals.

By offering a different perspective on traditional Christian beliefs and encouraging direct communication with God, Kyiri Abosom has gained popularity among his followers.

He believes in the importance of personal experience and understanding in one’s spiritual journey, rather than blindly following established religious texts.


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