John Kumah Allegedly Exposes His Killers As He Reveals Himself To A Ghanaian Spiritualist (watch video)

The late John Kumah, a member of the NPP party, has reportedly communicated with a Ghanaian spiritualist, who is now seeking to deliver his messages to his wife.

The spiritualist claims that John Kumah’s spirit is troubled because he did not die a natural death, but was instead “sacked out of the world” by his people.

According to the spiritualist, John Kumah mentioned that he understood why he always carried water around with him.

John Kumah’s message to his wife was to be cautious and not to engage in any disputes regarding his death. He assured her that he is watching over her and their children, and requested that she take good care of their kids.

He also expressed his wish for his family to have the freedom to bury him wherever they see fit.

The spiritualist shared these revelations in a video, urging viewers to watch it for further details.

The communication between John Kumah’s spirit and the spiritualist has brought a sense of closure and peace to his loved ones, as they navigate the aftermath of his unexpected passing.

Watch the video below;


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