Hopeson Ardoye

John Mahama Will Come Out Victorious Over Bawumia In The December 7 Elections – Hopeson Ardoye

Ghanaian politician, Hopeson Ardoye, has predicted the upcoming December 7 general election, despite acknowledging that he is not a prophet, seer, or soothsayer.

In an interview with Afia Pokua on Okay FM, Ardoye confidently stated that he already knows the outcome of the election.

He believes that the competition will be tough, with the winner of the presidential election facing a challenge.

Ardoye declared that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will come out on top, followed by the Movement for Change and then the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He also mentioned that none of the parties will secure the required 50 percent of the votes, leading to a runoff between the top contenders.

According to Ardoye, in the runoff, Alan Kyeremateng of the Movement for Change party will emerge as the winner.

Ardoye emphasized that his prediction is based on recent polls that showed Kyeremateng at 7.5% before the Ejisu Elections.

He believes that this indicates that the 2024 election will not be a one-touch victory for the eventual winner.

Despite not possessing supernatural powers, Ardoye is confident in his assessment of how the December 7 general election will unfold.


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