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“Junka Town was the best movie in Ghana, no kumawood movie comes close”- Too Much

During an interview with Poleeno Multimedia, Ghanaian actor Too Much, known for his role in the TV show Junka Town, boldly claimed that the show was the best film of its era.

Too Much, the main character in Junka Town, asserted that no other Ghanaian movie could rival the impact and popularity of the show during its peak.

He highlighted that Junka Town’s success was particularly remarkable as it came at a time when the Ghanaian movie industry was facing challenges.

Reflecting on the financial aspect of the show’s success, Too Much expressed his belief that if Junka Town had been released during the era of CD buying, it would have been a lucrative venture for him and his crew members.

Many Ghanaians agreed with Too Much’s assessment of the show’s significance.

In a separate interview, Too Much compared living in Ghana to living in the UK, where he is currently based.

He stated that there were not many benefits to living in Ghana, aside from the freedom to urinate anywhere. Too Much emphasized that the quality of life in the UK was far superior to that in Ghana.

Despite his success in Junka Town, Too Much’s comments sparked mixed reactions from social media users.

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