“Korra Obidi slǝpt with her friend’s fiancé while pregnant with our second child” – Justin Dean (video)

Justin Dean, the former husband of Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, recently took to social media to address the bullying and harassment he has been facing since their divorce.

The couple, who split in March 2022 after getting married in 2018 and having two children together, have been in the headlines multiple times since their separation.

During a live session on his Facebook page, Justin shared his side of the story, stating that he was a good husband to Korra but claimed that she changed after obtaining her green card.

He alleged that she had an affair with her friend’s fiancé while pregnant with their second child, Athena, when she traveled to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding.

Justin revealed screenshots of the chat between Korra and the fiancé, expressing his hurt over the situation.

He emphasized that he just wants to co-parent their daughters peacefully and urged Korra’s fans to stop harassing him online as it is impacting his mental health.

Despite the messy split and ongoing drama, Justin’s main focus is on maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship with Korra for the sake of their children.



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