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Kuami Eugene’s Best Friend When He Was Broke Curses Him for Leaving Him After Becoming Rich (watch video)

Kuami Eugene’s former close friend, who is claiming to be his bestie during their struggling days, has come out to reveal how they both faced hardship together before Eugene achieved success.

However, he now feels abandoned by his once close companion after Eugene found fame and fortune.

The former bestie has even gone as far as admitting to cursing Kuami Eugene, which he believes has resulted in the singer facing some recent misfortunes.

The disgruntled friend alleges that he has been the one responsible for Eugene’s recent bout of bad luck, including an accident that he was involved in.

He firmly believes that his curses have brought about these negative occurrences in Eugene’s life.

This unknown individual asserts that he used to support Eugene financially when they were struggling, but now feels left behind and unappreciated.

It is clear that there is a sense of betrayal and resentment from this supposed former bestie towards Kuami Eugene, as he feels like he has been forgotten and overlooked in the midst of Eugene’s success.

His claims of casting curses on Eugene and attributing his recent misfortunes to his actions are certainly bold and controversial.

Watch video below…

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