Kumasi: Fetish Priest records pastor who visited him to make 4 church members go mad (watch video)

Nana Gyau, a traditional priest in the Ashanti Region, has recently come forward to expose a pastor who visited his shrine to make four of his church members go mad.

The priest, who serves River Premu in the Atwima Mponua district, took the bold step of recording the pastor’s visit to his shrine.

He shared the footage with Kofi, explaining that the pastor had contacted him after finding his number online.

The pastor allegedly sought the priest’s help in seeking revenge on four church members, including a lady who had reported him for misconduct, leading to his suspension and loss of privileges within the church.

In the video shared on Kofi TV, the pastor can be seen performing rituals at the river with the traditional priest.

Nana Gyau’s decision to record the pastor’s visit was a strategic move to expose the pastor’s intentions and actions.

The priest’s actions have shed light on the darker side of some individuals within the religious community who may resort to unethical means to achieve their goals.

This revelation has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the lengths to which some individuals may go in pursuit of revenge or personal gain.

Nana Gyau’s bravery in exposing this pastor serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding ethical standards and integrity within religious institutions.

Watch video below…

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