Kumawood Actor, Otumfour Nana Talks About How Good Is It To Be A Watchman Abroad

Nana Boakye Ansah, popularly known as Otumfour Nana, a well-known actor in Kumawood, recently shared his insights on the security industry in the United Kingdom.

In an exclusive interview, Nana Boakye Ansah discussed the various aspects of working as a security man in the UK.

According to Otumfour Nana, there are diverse opportunities for security jobs in the UK, ranging from dog security to corporate and retail security roles.

He highlighted the fact that some of these jobs are highly lucrative, with security personnel often receiving good payment for their services.

While there may be challenges associated with this line of work, Nana Boakye Ansah emphasized that experienced individuals are well-equipped to handle these difficulties effectively.

Moreover, Otumfour Nana revealed that security personnel in the UK typically work long hours, with shifts lasting up to 12 hours a day.

Despite the demanding nature of their jobs, security men can earn anywhere from 6,000 to 7,000 pounds per month, with some individuals receiving even higher salaries.

After putting in the hard work and dedication required for the job, Otumfour Nana noted that security personnel experience a sense of relief and satisfaction upon receiving their monthly payments.

Overall, Nana Boakye Ansah’s insights shed light on the lucrative yet challenging nature of security jobs in the United Kingdom.


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