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Kumawood Actress Borga Silvia and Mother Agree to Refund $25,000 Amid Marriage Scandal

Kumawood actress Borga Silvia and her mother have agreed to refund a sum of 25,000 Australian dollars following a scandalous accusation from an elderly man on Auntie Naa’s TV show.

The man, who remains anonymous, claimed that the actress and her mother conned him of the significant sum in 2004, under the pretense of a sham marriage to secure his permanent residency in Australia.

The elderly man detailed his story on the show. He purportedly paid the sum when he wished to relocate his family to Australia. He arranged a fake wedding with Borga Silvia, and they were photographed together, intending to present these images to the Australian Embassy as proof of his marital status.

After the staged wedding, the man returned to Ghana to spend a few months with his real family, with Borga Silvia agreeing to pose as his legal wife until his paperwork was sorted. However, on his return to Ghana, Silvia reneged on the agreement, seeking to annul the marriage. Consequently, the man has been demanding a refund of the money, with interest.

The latest development in this scandalous saga sees Borga Silvia and her mother agreeing to refund the money, although no details about the repayment plan or schedule have been released.

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