Kumawood Stars Refuse To Attend Salinko’s Father’s One-Week Celebration – Full Details

Kumawood actors and actresses have shown their support for their colleague Abraham Kofi, also known as Salinko, who recently lost his father.

Salinko reached out to his fellow actors, actresses, producers, and directors in the entertainment industry to attend his father’s one-week celebration.

He contacted some of them out of respect and the need for their support during this difficult time.

Despite his efforts, none of his colleagues showed up at the event, which took place on Friday, May 17th, 2024, in Pankrono, Kumasi.

This absence left Salinko feeling disappointed and hurt, as he had hoped for their presence to provide comfort and solidarity.

It is unclear why his colleagues did not attend the event, but their absence did not go unnoticed by Salinko.

The lack of support from his peers has left him feeling let down and questioning the strength of their relationships within the industry.

Overall, the incident highlights the importance of showing up for one another during times of need, and the impact of support from friends and colleagues in the face of adversity.

Salinko’s call for solidarity serves as a reminder of the value of community and support within the entertainment industry.

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