“Kwaku Manu Disgraced me, I’ll Never Forgive Him” – Actress Serwaa Telemo Vows

Actress Serwaa Telemo is upset about something that Kwaku Manu did to her, which has damaged her reputation.

Telemo expressed that she has been deeply affected by the actions of Kwaku Manu, although she did not provide specific details about what he did.

She did mention that she missed out on an opportunity to travel to the United States of America because of his actions.

Telemo also revealed that when she confronted Kwaku Manu about the issue, he became angry.

Despite this, Telemo expressed her determination to address the situation that has negatively impacted her image.

She emphasized that she has been hurt by the situation and is committed to setting the record straight.

Additionally, Serwaa Telemo clarified that she did not make any statements about using her buttocks to attract followers for Christ.

This denial highlights her commitment to maintaining her integrity and reputation in the face of any false accusations.

In conclusion, Serwaa Telemo’s emotional response to the situation involving Kwaku Manu demonstrates the importance she places on her reputation and the impact that negative actions can have on her career.

She is determined to address the issue and clear her name from any false accusations.

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