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“Kwaku Manu should stop bragging, Lilwin came into Kumawood before him” – Jackson K Bentum

• Actor Kwaku Manu claims to have discovered fellow actor Lilwin in a 2021 Kingdom FM interview.
• Manu claims he was impressed by Lilwin and supported him in his career.
• However, Manu expresses disappointment that Lilwin kept this secret.
• Bentum refutes Manu’s claims, stating Lilwin was already part of the Kumawood industry before Manu.

• Bentum argues Manu’s claim is baseless as Lilwin was established in Kumawood before Manu.


In a 2021 interview on Kingdom FM in Accra, Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu claimed that he was the one who first discovered fellow actor Lilwin and helped him rise to fame.

According to Kwaku Manu, he met Lilwin many years ago and was immediately impressed, so he decided to support Lilwin in achieving his dream of becoming a successful actor.

However, Kwaku Manu expressed disappointment that Lilwin had kept this fact hidden from the public for so long.

On the other hand, Kumawood producer and director Jackson K. Bentum refuted Kwaku Manu’s claims during an interview with Ruthy on SeanCity TV.

Jackson K. Bentum dismissed Kwaku Manu’s assertions and advised him against boasting, stating that Lilwin was already a part of the Kumawood industry before Kwaku Manu.

Jackson K. Bentum emphasized that since Lilwin was established in Kumawood before Kwaku Manu, it is baseless for Kwaku Manu to insist that he was the one who discovered Lilwin.

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