Kwame Despite and Ofori Sarpong Steal the Spotlight at Osebo’s Fashion Show with luxury cars

Dr Osei Kwame Despite and Ernest Ofori Sarpong, two of Ghana’s wealthiest individuals, made quite a spectacle of their riches on Friday night. The occasion was a fashion show organized by popular Ghanaian fashion designer, Osebo the Zaraman, who aimed to showcase his new line of designer goods.

The event attracted the country’s most influential figures, and the Despite Media boss and his close associate, Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong of the Special Ice Group of Companies, were among the esteemed guests.

Osei Kwame Despite made a grand entrance at the venue in his customized Mercedes G-Wagon, leaving no doubts about his opulent lifestyle. Not to be outdone, Ofori Sarpong arrived in style with a flashy Rolls Royce. Their extravagant arrivals immediately caught the attention of the attendees, and they became the center of attention throughout the evening.

Their presence at the fashion show created a buzz both offline and online, with many admirers expressing their adoration for the duo. The wealth and success that both men have achieved were on full display, leaving no doubt about their status as some of Ghana’s richest men.

Dr Osei Kwame Despite, known for his media empire, and Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong, a prominent figure in the business world, have built their fortunes through hard work and entrepreneurial ventures. Their attendance at the fashion show served as a reminder of their accomplishments and the luxurious lifestyles they lead.

As the event progressed, the two men continued to captivate the audience with their charm and affluence. The fashion show may have been the platform for Osebo the Zaraman’s new designer line, but it was undoubtedly the presence of Dr Osei Kwame Despite and Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong that stole the show.

watch the video below:

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