Kwasia, wo nim nyansa – Ghanaians link Ajagurajah’s insults to Asantewaa’s baby bump pictures (Video)

It was believed that Asantewaa posted her baby bump pictures to officially announce the birth of her child.

Reports had surfaced a few months earlier stating that Asantewaa, who had been in the US since November, had given birth on December 3, 2023.

The news of her delivery was initially shared on social media by Obaa Cee, a well-known Ghanaian TikToker based in the US and a close friend of Asantewaa.

Shortly after the announcement, Bishop Ajagurajah expressed a controversial opinion about sharing baby bump pictures, which some connected to Asantewaa.

In a video, Bishop Ajagurajah stated that it is considered a curse to post pregnancy pictures on social media, suggesting that it could bring misfortune.

He also mentioned that naming a child in the evening is more auspicious than during the day. Additionally, he criticized women who share such pictures online, labeling them as foolish and lacking common sense.

It should be noted that Bishop Ajagurajah did not directly mention Asantewaa in his video, but rumors have circulated that he was referring to her.

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