Kyekyeku Does Not Respect- Abro

Abro the Big Mouth, a well-known media personality and self-proclaimed blogger, has criticized actor Kyekyeku for not inviting him and other leaders of the Kumawood movie industry to his recent movie premiere.

Abro has accused Kyekyeku of being disrespectful for not including him and other prominent figures in the Kumawood community on the guest list for the event. Despite acknowledging that Kyekyeku may have been busy leading up to the premiere, Abro believes that he should have made a special effort to invite key individuals in the industry, including himself.

During an interview on Angel FM, Abro expressed his disappointment at not receiving an invitation to the premiere, stating, “Kyekyeku did not invite me. A whole me, Abro, he did not invite me”.

He further emphasized the importance of showing respect to certain key figures in the industry, such as himself, and suggested that Kyekyeku should have recognized his significance in the Kumawood community.

As the FIPAG PRO, Abro also addressed the absence of any FIPAG executives at the event, stating that he did not see the point in attending a program where he was not welcomed.

He questioned, “What am I going to do there? Someone is doing his program and he did not invite me so what am I going to do there?”. Abro’s criticism of Kyekyeku’s actions highlights the importance of recognizing and honoring key figures within the industry.

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