“Ladies still send me their n@k3d pictures” – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh (watch video)

Article Summary

• Dr. Lawrence Tetteh shares his experience of women exploiting his social media presence and sending him x-rated images and videos.
• Despite the inability to prevent such behavior, he has developed resilience.
• He promptly deletes both the images and their senders from his contacts.
• Tetteh admits to receiving naked pictures and profane videos due to his social media presence.
• He emphasizes the importance of discerning content and deletes inappropriate material.
• He has blocked and deleted more individuals than he maintains contact with, emphasizing the need for positive content.


Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, in a recent interview with Anthony Dzamefe on the Father’s Day Out show, discussed how women take advantage of his active presence on various social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, by sending him nude images of themselves.

Despite acknowledging that he cannot prevent these women from sending such pictures, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh mentioned that he has developed a resilience towards such behavior and has trained himself not to be affected by it.

He emphasized that he has no qualms about promptly deleting both the images and the senders from his contacts.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh candidly admitted to receiving naked pictures and profane videos on his phone, attributing it to his widespread presence on social media.

He highlighted the importance of discerning which content to engage with, noting that he often deletes inappropriate material without hesitation.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh concluded by mentioning that he has blocked and deleted more individuals from his phone than he has maintained contact with, underscoring the need to prioritize positive and uplifting content on social media.

Watch the video below;

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