Lady curse and cries after she added Ghc1,500 to her iPhone 7 plus for a fake iPhone 13 pro max (watch video)

A young woman fell victim to a scam by mobile phone fraudsters at Circle in Accra. She had gone to the popular area to exchange her iPhone 7 Plus for an iPhone 13 Pro Max but ended up losing her old phone and GHS1,500 in the process.

When she arrived at Circle, she was directed to a kiosk where she told the seller about her plan. The fraudster asked her to add GHS1,500 to the trade, which she agreed to.

She was given a genuine iPhone 13 Pro Max to inspect, but the fraudster switched it with a damaged one without her knowledge.

When she tried to turn on the phone on her way home, it didn’t work. Upon closer inspection at home, she realized she had been given a damaged phone.

The woman had hoped to be the first in her neighborhood with the new phone, but now she can’t sleep or eat properly due to the shock of being scammed out of GHS1,500 and her old phone.

She shared her story in an emotional yet humorous video.


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