Lady in tears after finding out that her serious boyfriend of 5 years was getting married to someone else

A young woman was devastated to discover that her boyfriend of five years was set to marry another woman.

In a video posted on TikTok by @peculiar908, she was seen crying uncontrollably as she expressed her heartbreak.

She shared that she had only learned about his upcoming wedding after investing five years in their relationship.

Comments on the video varied, with one user, Blisfulfaith, sharing their own experience of breaking up with a partner who didn’t see a future with them.

Another user, Virgo Me, suggested a bold move of attending the wedding and confronting the situation head-on.

Memory Nosiku shared her struggles with a secretive boyfriend, while Jj questioned why the woman had stayed in the relationship for so long.

@pauline shared her own experience of discovering her ex’s wedding through a WhatsApp status update, expressing her pain and asking for relief.

@nkemmena advised not letting a current girlfriend prevent someone from finding their future spouse. The emotional video highlighted the pain and betrayal that can come from discovering a partner’s betrayal.

Watch the video below:

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