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Lady reveals how she lied to a guy to avoid having s3x with him because his D!ck was small

A Lady on Twitter, identified by her handle (@Simplyrisque), has shared an intriguing story about how she dealt with a sensitive situation involving a man with a smaller than average penis size. According to her series of tweets, upon the realization of the man’s size, she quickly lost interest in engaging in sexual activities with him.

The story unfolded further as she described the quick thinking she employed to avoid an awkward scenario. She told him that her menstrual cycle was imminent, intending to use this as an excuse to avoid any sexual interaction. Her tweets suggested that she hoped this would spare the man from potential embarrassment while also extracting herself from the situation.

The man, getting the subtle hint from her explanation, reportedly took the cue and sent her a message. The content of the message, however, was not revealed in the tweets. The Twitter user’s story has since gained significant attention on the social media platform.

The user’s tweets have sparked a flurry of reactions from other users, with some praising her for her tactful handling of the situation, while others criticized her for her actions. This occurrence further highlights the often complex and intricate nature of sexual relationships and intimate encounters.

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