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Lady Shares What Man Was Doing beside Her on Bus, says she wants her own car

A Lady’s recent experience on a bus has sparked a lot of conversation after she recounted the incident. Unfortunately, she found herself in an uncomfortable situation when a man, who had apparently fallen asleep, attempted to rest his head on her shoulder.

Seeking a discreet way to address the situation, the woman, known as @nonhletavie, filmed the man using her phone and later shared the video on TikTok. In her post, she expressed her disappointment and referred to the man’s action as a form of abuse, especially considering that she did not know him personally.

The incident left a lasting impact on the woman, who expressed her desire to own a car in order to avoid such uncomfortable encounters on public transportation in the future. Her video quickly gained traction and garnered a significant amount of attention on TikTok, with viewers from all over chiming in with their thoughts.

The response to the video was varied, with some individuals expressing support and understanding for the woman’s frustration, while others questioned the severity of the incident. Some even suggested that it might have been a harmless mistake on the man’s part due to exhaustion. The discussion surrounding the incident highlighted the importance of personal space and respect, particularly in public settings.


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