Archbishop Agyinasare

“Leave your relationship if there is too much jealousy from your partner”- Archbishop Agyinasare

The Ghanaian pastor, Archbishop Agyinasare, has shared some relationship advice with his followers. He is the founder of the Word Miracle Church International, now known as Perez Chapel International.

This advice is prompted by the many instances of partners causing harm to each other, with some even resorting to violence.

A video shared on his official Instagram page and seen by, the Ghanaian pastor has suggested that partners should end a relationship if they discover unwarranted jealousy in it.

A person who is deeply religious thinks it’s acceptable for someone to feel jealous when their partner interacts with someone of the opposite sex, but it crosses a line when this jealousy is unfounded and persistent.

The individual of faith states that he has observed multiple cases where individuals in relationships who once loved each other ended up resorting to violence due to unfounded jealousy after parting ways.

“If you discover ongoing, unwarranted jealousy in a relationship, it’s best not to remain in it,” advised the religious leader.

Explaining his reasoning behind the jealousy comment, the religious leader stated, “If he notices you conversing with another man, he becomes upset.” According to him, when the woman notices you conversing with another woman, it becomes an issue for her.

If you observe unwarranted jealousy, end the relationship. Jealousy has driven people to commit murder. According to Archbishop Agyinasare, events have occurred due to jealousy.

He ended his statement discussing trust issues, emphasizing the importance of building trust in a relationship by avoiding behavior that could lead to mistrust.

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