Lesbian couple make history in UK by both giving birth

Emily Patrick and Kerry Osborn have made history in the UK as a lesbian couple who recently welcomed their two sons through a groundbreaking procedure known as simultaneous reciprocal IVF.

The couple used a sperm donor for both boys, with Ezra being born from Emily’s fertilized egg implanted into Kerry, while Elvis was born from Kerry’s egg implanted into Emily.

This unique method had never been attempted in the UK before, but it proved successful just in time for the family to celebrate Mother’s Day as a family of four.

The couple, who have been together for seven years, began discussing the idea of simultaneous reciprocal IVF during the Covid lockdown.

The cost of the procedure, including the sperm donor, totaled around £25,000. Elvis was born naturally on New Year’s Day, while Ezra arrived a few weeks later via emergency Caesarean section.

Emily describes the experience of having both boys as surprisingly manageable, with Ezra fitting perfectly into the family dynamic.

While both mothers love their sons equally, they each feel a stronger maternal connection to the son they carried. Emily notes that Ezra resembles her, while Elvis takes after Kerry.

The couple now resides in Gosport, Hampshire, with their sons and retired greyhound, Dotty. They plan to get married and share their journey as a family on Instagram at TwoMumsTwoBuns.

Kerry hopes their story will inspire others in the LGBTQ+ community, emphasizing that motherhood has been a rewarding experience for them.

Emily adds that while every day is a learning curve, they are adjusting well to their new roles as mothers.


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