Let’s embrace homosexuals and show them love – Adjetey Annan

Ghanaian Actor Adjetey Annan, also known as Pusher, has urged Ghanaians to treat homosexuals more compassionately. Despite their actions going against societal norms, he believes that they should not be subjected to mistreatment.

Annan emphasizes the importance of accepting individuals for who they are rather than focusing on their behaviors. He expresses concern over the negative reactions towards people in the LGBTQ+ community and emphasizes the need for kindness and understanding towards them.

Annan suggests that showing love and acceptance can lead to transformation within the community. He also questions the approach of handling LGBTQ+ issues through legislation, suggesting a more community-based and values-driven approach instead.

The actor believes that rather than passing laws against homosexuality, efforts should be focused on creating safe spaces within communities to address these issues. Overall, Annan advocates for a more inclusive and understanding attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana.

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